Just Like The Judgment Day

from by The Ruby Troupe



I put on my shoes and I went for a walk
Ran into a pretty woman when I turned the block
She said "I know taekwondo" I said "I know Edgar Poe"
She said "What's the difference?" I said "I don't know"
She took my hand, she read my mind
And said "I'll treat you nice if you treat me kind"
I said "Hey, how come you're acting this way?"
She said "It feels just like the judgment day"

Gabriel was down in the poker hall
Trying to bet but nobody would call
So he took his cash and went to the bar
Sat down next to a movie star
She looked at him and he looked forlorn
He said "I think I'm ready to blow my horn"
She slapped his face and said "What's that you say?"
He said "Well it feels just like the judgment day"

William Blake put on a hat with a plume
And ran down to the emergency room
He found his friend Dante in a hospital gown
He said "Hey Dante, you look like a clown!"
Dante took a swing at William but he missed
William said "You and I just can't exist"
Then he said "Look at the stars! They're turning grey!
And it feels just like the judgment day"

Michelangelo took his horse in to town
But twenty-nine pilgrims knocked him down
The sheriff's daughter picked him back up
And gave him a sip of wine from a silver cup
She said "Take me to that place on Mars
Where all the ladies smoke cigars"
He made a weird face and then he skipped away
Singing "It feels just like the judgment day"

King Henry left his castle and he sat in the park
He wanted to watch the day turn dark
A stranger came up and started to pray
Henry said "You think I was born yesterday?"
And he went back to his castle, turned on the TV
And watched a five hour special about the Norwegian Sea
But then his castle began to shake and sway
And he screamed "It feels just like the judgment day"

Thomas and Muhammad were drinking champagne
Sitting by a window, watching the rain
Down on the street there was a violent fight
Muhammad said "I hope this doesn't take all night"
Thomas said "I doubt it will"
And he put his feet up on the window sill
Muhammad said "I don't know how long I can stay
Because it feels just like the judgment day"


from Spogy EP, released December 21, 2012



all rights reserved


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